¿Cómo puedo pagar cuentas o gastos de hospital?
How can I pay for hospital bills or expenses?

Federally Qualified Health Centers)  Health centers like Erie Family, Heartland, Alivio, Access, Howard Brown, Aunt Martha’s, PCC, Lawndale Community, Esperanza, and others offer sliding-scale services to patients without insurance.  Some offer dental and specialist appointments also.

Charity Care)  All hospitals in Chicago are required to provide a set amount of emergency care and financial assistance to uninsured patients without regard to their immigration status.  In order to qualify, patients must ask to fill out the Hospital Financial Assistance Application as soon as possible.  

Emergency Medicaid) Undocumented people can qualify for Emergency Medicaid for serious medical conditions that occur suddenly and unexpectedly and require immediate medical attention. This can cover some dialysis and cancer treatments too.  Ask to apply with a financial counselor in the emergency room.

All Kids, Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility, & Moms and Babies) These three state programs provide medical coverage to pregnant women and children regardless of immigration status.  
Negotiate!)  Hospitals and clinics regularly bill patients for more money than they charge to insurance companies.  Generally hospitals and clinics are open to negotiation if you are paying out of pocket.  If you receive a bill, call the phone number on your bill and tell them you cannot afford the amount.  Ask them to lower the bill, ask about any other financial assistance programs they have, and ask about payment plans.